Sex Education Organizations

Constructive sex education is the foundation for a healthy, responsible society. There are many public services and organizations dedicated to the advancement of sexual education that also provide free or reduced-cost contraceptives and resources. For young people in particular, discussing a sexual concern with a parent or guardian is not always an option. These services provide safe, affordable, and confidential medical care and advice. They also provide schools, citizens, and lawmakers with the information necessary to make informed decisions about family planning and sexual expression.

Most of these organizations survive on donations and face opposition from various political and religious groups. For the laws that govern sexual care to change, there needs to be a societal show of support in favor of modern reproductive rights and standards. The data that’s used to encourage lawmakers to support the expansion of sexual health education in schools is frequently compiled and provided by organizations like the IPPF and Planned Parenthood. There’s still a long way to go before everyone in the world has access to reproductive health care, but these services have started the global conversation.

  • International Planned Parenthood Federation: Based in London with offices around the world, the IPPF began in the early 1950s and advocates for better sex education, family planning, and access to contraceptives and sexual health resources. They have many educational resources on their website as well as the locations of their clinics.
  • Planned Parenthood Federation of America: Arguably the best-known source of sexual health education and materials in the United States, Planned Parenthood has clinics across the country to provide free or reduced-cost health care. The organization is a strong advocate for reproductive health and rights. Their website is full of excellent information on all aspects of sexuality, including relationships and LGBTQ topics.
  • Religious Institute: The Religious Institute is an answer to the fight against sexual freedom that can often come from members of conservative religious groups. This multi-faith group seeks to promote better sex education and the advancement of women while also focusing on the overarching values of love and kindness. They provide training and educational materials to congregations and publish guides and studies that examine sexuality from a spiritual point of view.
  • Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States: Founded in 1964, SIECUS works to help improve the quality of sex education in schools and at home. They also provide the latest research and statistics on sexual health to help everyone, from students to lawmakers, stay informed.
  • Brook: This UK-based service offers confidential counseling, sex education, and free or reduced-cost health care to the community. They have free text or online chat options for instant answers, and if a Brook clinic isn’t nearby, they offer a list of partner services to help everyone find reproductive health care, no matter where they live.