Am I Gay? Am I Straight? How I Found Myself, While Dating Another

There are gay, lesbian, and bisexual people throughout society. They are just like any other person, but their sexuality is different than ours. As times change, and our society becomes more evolved, they are becoming more and more accepted throughout the communities in the world. They are also getting more rights such as marriage. It is not always easy coming out and telling people about your sexuality, nor is it always easy for these individuals to know their sexuality. Sometimes it takes awhile to realize and even admit to their sexuality. It is a difficult time, and it can be quite difficult for the person to deal with this ambiguity. For many people they are able to know what their sexuality is, they can feel who they are from day one, but for others finding this in themselves can be a journey that is long and sometimes tough to go down, but they do not have to take it alone. There are a few gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals out there in the media that are out and proud. They include Ellen Degeneres, Elton John, and Mick Jagger. If you find that you’re having trouble with your sexuality, you should know that you’re not alone, and that there is a lot of help out there for you. You can go to many different sources that will help support you in your journey to discover. Not only can you talk to people in these safe places, but you can find friends and learn more about sexuality in general whether you think you’re gay, lesbian, or bisexual, or just confused. There are many places to meet people just like you, and not feel alone. This is one of the biggest points in your life, and you should not have to feel alone and afraid to do what you have to do when it comes to coming out and being proud of who you are, and the person that you would like to be.

Sexual Orientation

Learn about your sexual orientation, and what you might want from coming out to everyone. Learn what others went through and what you’re now going through.

Sexual Orientation

When it comes to learning your sexual orientation, this is one article that you want to read. It is informative and provides you with the information you need to find yourself.

Sexual Orientation

This is an article for children to come to terms with their sexual orientation and what should be expected of them as far as that goes.

Stages of Coming Out

Learn the different stages and acceptance for coming out of the closet and letting everyone know about you’re sexuality. This is definitely a helpful guide with tips and tricks and hints from other people who have been through it.

Coming to Terms

Learn how to come to terms with your sexuality, and look into different places that you can go to meet others like you.

Not Sure if I was Ever in the Closet

Story of how they never thought they were in the closet and they were always kind of out without actually saying so. This is definitely worth reading when wanting to find yourself.

True Story: I Came Out of the Closet on Facebook

Read the true story of a gay black man who risked it all to tell everyone he was gay over Facebook. Many people turned their heads, others were happy for him, and some even shunned him. Learn through his experiences.

Coming Out of the Closet… As a Christian

This is one of the most compelling stories out there. A lot of times when you’re Christian, your faith does not match your sexuality and you cannot have both. The community might look down on you, but learn how they fared in the end.

Black Pastor Comes out of the Closet

Learn about the black pastor that was proud of who he is, and told everyone about being gay. His congregation kicked him out of the church, what do you think he did after that?

Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

Learn some tips and information on how people feel about you coming out, and how one person came out to a lot of people. Different sections of inspiration and information are given.

What to Expect When You Come Out of the Closet

When it comes to telling everyone your gay, lesbian, or bisexual read what to expect when it comes down to it. You do not want any surprises, and there are awesome videos on how people came out in their communities.

Coming Out to a Room Full of Strangers

Learn what happens when a women identifies her sexuality out in the open, in the public, to a room full of strangers. How do they react? What do they do or say to her?

Personal Stories from Gay Men

Click through the stories from different gay men on how they came out, and what they felt when they did. This is definitely a helpful website and link to find out how to come out and how to break the news to everyone.

Coming Out to Truth

Learn what it feels like when other people come out and come to terms with their sexuality. Learn through different experiences, and compare your own to theirs.

Coming to Terms with the Love That Dares Not Speak its Name

Story of how one person came out to everyone, although it is illegal and punishable in where they live. This is a compelling and heartfelt story.

Emotional Health

Emotional health plays a large role when it comes to finding your sexuality. Learn more about the emotional health problems that you might face.

Psychological Stages in Your Journey to Coming to Terms with your Sexuality

The psychological stages are explained thoroughly for you to understand what needs to be done in order to come to terms with your sexuality. Great help for many people.

Exploring Our Sexuality

Find out how to explore your sexuality, and get the most from who you are, and who you want to be. This is an informative article that will help you find who you are.


Learn more about the gay and lesbian community, and what they go through every day. You might find a friend or two in the process.

Sexual Orientation Confusion

Learn about the many others that have sexual orientation confusion, and how they came to terms with it in the end.