When “sex” is brought up, many tend to think of only the physical aspects. Sexuality is an incredibly broad topic, ranging from personal sexual health and orientation to social expression and relationships. Sexuality can be a source of incredible empowerment and can provide new levels of intimacy. It should be explored and celebrated, and we’re happy to help you navigate the journey.

Something for Everyone

Everyone has their own unique introduction to sexuality. For many, it starts at home, with a discussion between parents and children. Starting this conversation can be intimidating, but we have the resources to help. For students, we have answers to some of the questions a curriculum may not address, such as topics unique to the LGBTQ community, and educational links for further learning.

For those in existing relationships, figuring out how to communicate or connect with a partner can be just as difficult, maybe even more so, than the early days of getting to know the person. This is normal, and it’s a problem frequently encountered. Talking about personal subjects is hard and can be even harder when the topic is something that’s still taboo in many societies. Whether it’s a question of personal health or a concern pertaining to couples and families, we’ll do our best to answer it.

A Safe Space

Many in the LGBTQ community may be limited in expression due to the laws or social expectations of where they live. Others may have the fortune to live in a place with a strong LGBTQ presence. The LGBTQ community still faces undue prejudice and intolerance, but through better education, this trend can be stopped. There is nothing unnatural about identifying as LGBTQ, and those who do have the right to be treated with kindness and respect.

Knowing your personal rights and the rights of others is crucial for a healthy relationship. Everyone has the right to know how their own bodies work. Everyone deserves love and acceptance. We don’t discriminate, and all questions are welcomed.